OAC Exhibition Assistance

BreakingThe Grid4x6Stephen Séguin 2012-13 OAC Exhibition Assistance Recipient.  A detail from Breaking the Grid, 200+ 4″x6″ pencil crayon drawings to be installed at Manta Gallery, Hamilton, ON  September 2013, through the assistance of the Ontario Arts Council.

Hamilton Artists Inc. is a recommender to the Ontario Arts Council (OAC) Exhibition Assistance Program.  This program provides grants between $500 and $1500 for costs related to presenting work for a confirmed exhibition.

There are two deadlines for Inc. applications: July 15 and November 15 ANNUALLY.

To ensure that you are eligible, please carefully read  the information on the  Ontario Arts Council Site (click here) before applying for this grant.  Hamilton Artists Inc. is located in Zone 3. Applicants to Exhibition Assistance through Hamilton Artists Inc. must reside in Zone 3.   If you live in an area outside of Zone 3, please refer to the list of the other recommender galleries in each zone at the above link.

Please note that there are designated recommenders for Aboriginal Artists, Francophone Artists, Craft Artists, Media Artists, and Photo-based Artists.   You are not required to live in a specific zone if you are eligible to apply to one of the designated recommenders.  There is also a specific Aboriginal Artists Materials and Supplies Assistant grant available.

If you live in Zone 3 and would like to apply to the Inc., download the Application Form listed under heading Program Guidelines and Application Form click here and go to Application, fill it out and mail or drop off at the Inc.  Forms must be submitted prior to the exhibition opening dated on the application form.  *date stamped or signed and dated by the receiving Inc. staff member.

We will continue to accept applications postmarked/received between November 16 2013 and July 14 2014, (applications must be stamped received prior to the artist’s exhibition opening) to be adjudicated at the next July 15 deadline.

Mail to:

Hamilton Artists Inc.

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 57125
Jackson Station
2 King Street West
Hamilton, ON
L8P 4W9

or drop off at:  155 James St North, Hamilton, ON during gallery hours (Wed to Fri 12 – 5 and Sat & Sun 12 – 4)

[Phone] 905.529.3355
[E-mail] General Inquiries – programming@theinc.ca