Cruz, Lorraine Postma

- / The Inc.

Exciting News! Hamilton Artists Inc. is delighted to announce the opening of two new wheatpaste exhibition spaces in our new MacNab Gallery located in our bathrooms!  🎉

“Connection” by Cruz and “I literally love everything and everyone” by Lorraine Postma, curated by Paige Paton. 

Visit the MacNab gallery during our open hours to be inspired by these captivating exhibitions that explore affection, bonds, tenderness, and memory.

Cruz is a first-generation Filipino artist based in Toronto. Her work serves as a visual and emotional diary, a means through which she navigates and makes sense of her own mental health experiences. Primarily recognized as a lens-based artist, Cruz frequently ventures into diverse creative realms, often intertwining mixed media and poetry in her expressive explorations. 

Lorraine Postma is a self-taught, multidisciplinary artist based in Hamilton, Ontario who celebrates imperfection and mundanity through photography, poetry, and collage. Her work can be described as wrought with sentimentality and nostalgia, exploring her most tender and mushy feelings.