Ibrahim Abusitta

- / James Wall Banner

In addressing the profound impact of the genocidal conflict in Gaza and the West Bank, this painting adopts a minimalist approach to convey complex emotions. Witnessing the devastating atrocities led by the occupation forces has deeply moved me. The figure at the bottom gazes upwards, embodying the shuhada' (martyrs), while the figure at the top gazes downward, representing the aslaf (ancestors). Both witness the dove rising above the drone, symbolizing the inevitable liberation of the Palestinian people. By maintaining visual simplicity, I aim to extend the reach of the painting's symbolism, inviting reflection on injustices worldwide.

Ibrahim Abusitta is a Palestinian artist based in Toronto, initially studied Fine Art Photography at the Ontario College of Art & Design (OCAD) before transitioning to self-taught painting. His artworks delve into a tapestry of concepts, encompassing colour, texture, memory, and time. In 2020, as a contributor to Canadian Art magazine, Abusitta dedicated his writing to the exploration of BIPOC representation in commercial art galleries in the Toronto art scene.