Miles Obilo, Nala Ismacil, Sage

- / James Gallery

This group show explores and seeks to animate the inherently political nature of rage. Reclaiming the liberatory potential of expressing anger through art when it is continually smothered, incarcerated, institutionalised and suppressed by white supremacy, colonialism and its rage-inducing manifestations. 

What does it mean to harness rage collectively? How can our rage be transformed into a liberatory pursuit? What does expressing rage mean for survivors? 

This exhibit is composed of a collection of collage and mixed media works created by Miles Obilo, Nala Ismacil, Sage and Venus Underhill. Their styles are confrontational, and their works reflect their shared DIY ethos and refusal to maintain a respectability politics that often dominates art space. Won’t you rage with us?

Nala Ismacil - Based in Hamilton, artist Nala Ismacil intuitively applies sound, assemblage and pyrography to inspire their self-taught practice. 

Sage - I am Sage Zincone, a trans abstract/contemporary artist. I focus more on collage type work of One/One pieces with no copies or prints being made. I love to use texture and multiple different mediums within my work, drawing out emotions from the page. My work mainly revolves around my emotions and how I feel at the moment, vulnerability is a big part of my work, I use it as way for me to navigate myself and have a better understanding of myself, since I struggle with BPD it can be hard to truly know yourself. My work also includes world issues and draws attention to world topics that I feel aren't being talked about enough or bring out strong emotional feelings within me. I hope my art is able to push people into a space of self reflection and bring out more awareness to more unspoken topics.