Hamilton Artists Inc. is excited to announce our newest exhibition, Born Celestial

Born Celestial features Kaya Joan, Natalie King, Nicole Neidhardt, Celeste Pedri-Spade, Chyler Sewell, Danielle Boissoneau, and is curated by our Indigenous Curator in Residence, Alex Jacobs-Blum.

Born Celestial investigates ways in which Indigenous artists utilize ancestral and contemporary knowledge to build futurities. Futurities draws upon human and other-than-human relations across time and space. The artists trace ancestral knowledges through their reflections, while operating in resistance to western consciousness. They are collectively inspiring futures centering on Indigenous ways of knowing. 

Each artist accesses futurities through myriads of entry points; Indigeneity, Original teachings, cosmologies, land and familial, ancestral and kinship relations across dimensions. Moving in forward motions to return home to themselves, the artists in Born Celestial offer a celebration of self and an uplifting for future generations. Please read a message from Alex below.

The Indigenous Curatorial Residency has been incredibly meaningful to the growth and development of my curatorial practice. I am beyond grateful to everyone involved in this project. The conversations that emerged from this process have offered me new perspectives and teachings, and have shaped this exhibition. I will carry these learnings throughout the rest of my life.

Nya:węh gowa to all of the artists, I deeply value your friendship and trust. Born Celestial is close to my heart and I am excited for family, friends, kin and community to experience the love and care of everyone’s work

- Alex Jacobs-Blum 

Born Celestial will be on from June 10 - August 13, 2022.