Hamilton Artists Inc. is pleased to welcome Jessica Hannigan, our new Gallery Assistant! Read on to learn more about Jessica.

Hi! I’m Jessica, and I’ll be The Inc.’s new gallery assistant for this fall. This is really a dream position for me right now since I’m very new to Hamilton, having just moved here this October. Working with The Inc. has already given me so many opportunities to connect with such cool and talented people, and I’m really looking forward to getting involved in some of The Inc.’s awesome projects and community events, in whatever forms they take.

I just completed my BA from Sheridan College for Illustration this past April. My work typically deals with themes of childhood nostalgia and relationships to our personal spaces and bodies. I love the honesty of a flat round digital brush and lots of bright pops of colour, and exploring new fun and wonky varieties of shapes and palettes brings me a ton of joy!

While having an online graduation exhibition may have been a little disappointing, it did also open my eyes to the possibilities and perks of holding events over a digital platform. I hope that I’ll be able to lend that experience to our efforts to bring Inc. members and art lovers everywhere all the amazing art that they expect from the Inc.’s exhibitions during a really strange time full of new experiences.

Art has always been my whole life and I’m really excited to be able to directly help artists thrive in the great, supportive environment that The Inc. provides.

You can find my work at Jesshannigan.com. I hope to be able to come into the gallery and meet some of you soon!

Very, very best,
Jessica Hannigan

Jessica will be working online from home on Wednesdays and Thursdays during gallery hours. To contact her directly, email galleryassistant@theinc.ca