Tee Kundu

- / Online - Zoom

July 23 and 30, 2020, 7:00-8:30 pm
Online via zoom

Dear Friend,

The world is ending today. And I'm sure I've told you before, but I need to make sure you remember: I love you. I have loved you for a long time, and for short periods too; in sickness, in health, in underpaid customer service jobs, in times of abundant brunch money, at 1am behind the bar, and over 2pm calls discussing heartbreak. There are times we've hurt each other, times we did not approve, but I still love you and hope you love me too.


Condolences is a two-part workshop/intervention/performance. As we become more and more anxious, waking up at odd hours about strange fears, we invite you to a space to share your thoughts, feelings, anxieties and stories, as we grapple with the end of the world as we know it.

Brings your joys, bring your sorrows. Your solutions, your grief, your what-ifs and why-nots. Bring your friends, your lovers. Invite your enemies too, if you can get a hold of them.

Sharing both our GRAND PLANS and small hopes, this workshop will culminate in a letter, to anyone (or everyone, or no one) about the end of the world, and whatever you'd like to say about it. These will be compiled into a small document, meant for sharing, either anonymously, or with a pen-name (or not).

Inspired, very deeply, by conversations with close friends. And informed by many (many) panic attacks. 

Condolences is free to attend, but spots are limited! To register, please email Programming Director, Abedar Kamgari, at programming@theinc.ca. You must be available to attend both workshop sessions on July 23 and 30. You can also follow along on your own by using Tee's illustrated guide, available as a pdf here.

Note: This workshop was initially planned for a pre-pandemic timeline. It has since been rearranged to be a place to examine our own stories more closely, as well as talk about strategies about letter-writing in response to state brutality. By no means a comprehensive guide, it will explore these topics because they are important to learn about. The personal is political. 

Tee Kundu is an interdisciplinary artist and illustrator. They mostly draw things. In addition, they often work in social practice, performance, zines, facilitation, etc. They want to be a storyteller, and they want to be helpful. A DIY dabbler, you can find them on instagram @lukitstee.

This program is part of Hamilton Artists Inc.'s special projects stream, implemented by the NEW Committee. Special Projects are activities that do not take the form of regular exhibitions. They can be one-off performances, zines, posters, screenings, workshops, community events, digital platforms, outdoor projects in our courtyard, site-specific interventions, off-site projects, or other similarly unique initiatives.